Comprehensive Discovery Services for Large Litigation

When a major auto parts manufacturer faced a large tort matter, Veristar was selected to support the extensive e-discovery involved.

The case brought in more than 50 million records collected from 125+ custodians dating back many years. Data was submitted to Veristar in various formats, having been collected from numerous software platforms, including hard copy data, raw unprocessed data, partially processed data and data that was fully processed but for ingestion into a wide range of hosting software.

Veristar processed and reprocessed the data, utilizing proprietary programs, developing new code and employing numerous techniques to organize and catalogue the vast, inconsistently formatted data into a comprehensive and consistent collection. This enabled the team to quickly interrogate and produce the appropriate datasets arising from present and future requestors.

Veristar success metrics

  • Met a complex array of data-hosting requirements, all within the court-ordered time frames of the matter.
  • Collaborated with the plaintiffs and multiple defendants on document review and productions for this very complicated case.
  • Maintaining ongoing hosting of the matter data (as of December 2021).

By the numbers

  • 50+ million records
  • 125+ custodians
  • Countless data formats and file types
  • All deadlines met


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