Managed Services

For organizations with their own internal discovery tools or operations, our resources work as an extension of your legal department, information governance and eDiscovery team(s) to leverage strengths and maximize your capabilities.

As part of our holistic approach to providing comprehensive discovery solutions, Veristar and Veralocity offer Managed Services, including experienced project analysts, project managers and additional technology/infrastructure.

With this service, our eDiscovery experts assist with administration of your internal platform and, above a certain size, extend the same services on our platforms. Time and resource usage are bundled based on volume and can flex to right-size needs on a fluid basis.

Veristar's Managed Services

As with other Veristar/Veralocity offerings, our Managed Services are customized to meet the unique needs of every client.

Project Analysts (PAs)

Our PAs deliver a range of services, including those associated with:

  • Processing of documents, images, files, etc., in a document collection
  • Intake of project instruction
  • Performing/demonstrating searches in the respective platform
  • Assisting with platform administration and client interaction
  • Assisting in organization/performance of analytics
  • Simple user support of live reviews
Project Managers (PMs)

Our PMs oversee the full range of service provided by our PAs, while also assisting with:

  • Information governance/document retention
  • Coordination, design and implementation of case strategy/process
  • Case setup strategy for review
  • Platform customizations for specific needs
  • Setup and seamless delivery on document review needs
  • Document production
  • Data disposition

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