Veristar’s document review services are built on years of experience that offers our clients strategic advantages, including the use of technology-assisted review and our unwavering attention to data security.

Our expert teams of project managers, consultants and attorneys have managed:

  • Hundreds of successful and cost-effective document reviews to completion, having provided review services to Fortune 1000 companies in virtually all major industries.

  • Matters of all sizes, from multibillion-dollar bet-your-company litigation and United States Department of Justice and Securities Exchange Commission investigations, to class-action lawsuits and simple contract disputes.

Veristar uses industry-leading review technology to evaluate ESI and paper documents for responsiveness, relevance and privilege. With the ability to load data files from any Veristar location, our responsiveness is unmatched.

Review & analysis overview

  • Document and data review plan design and management

  • Review of platform design using Relativity

  • Review of channel design

  • Managed review (onsite, domestic and foreign)

  • Review of attorney staffing and management


Our licensed review attorneys are expertly trained to deliver effective, efficient and defensible results for corporate legal departments and their outside law firms.

Attorneys are closely vetted by our proven and experienced staffing experts. When assigned to a project, our review managers constantly perform quality control checks of each contract attorney’s performance. We quickly identify and remove low- or non-performing attorneys to assure accurate, timely and cost-effective review results.

Veristar can also provide contract attorneys with foreign language expertise in many languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

  • Atlanta

  • Boston

  • Chicago

  • Houston

  • Los Angeles

  • New York City

  • Philadelphia

  • San Francisco

  • Washington, D.C.


Veristar bundles its litigation support services into turnkey managed service solutions tailored to meet the early case assessment, data filtering, processing, hosting and production requirements of corporate legal departments and law firms that elect to support their own e-discovery.

The central focus of our litigation managed services is to equip our clients with complete, easily scalable and secure environments for conducting consistent, repeatable, secure and efficient e-discovery initiatives. Veristar delivers an end-to-end e-discovery and hosting solution for clients with a single point of contact, consolidated billing, predictable costs, world-class technology and cybersecurity.

We enable clients to seamlessly drive value for their organizations. Adopting the litigation managed service model directly positions our clients for innovation and immediate value while streamlining and modeling operational efficiencies internally. By using matter-by-matter tracking mechanisms and comparative analysis against outsourced industry average rates, our litigation managed services solution can reduce costs significantly.

Veristar’s litigation managed services teams are experienced and dedicated domain experts. We utilize tested backup and disaster recovery processes. All our litigation managed service installations use standardized processes and procedures and include dedicated 24/7/365 support.


Veristar provides comprehensive review services, including consultation, document review for litigation, mergers and acquisitions (M&As), and other complex matters and managed review services.

Our team of experts includes seasoned review attorneys and experienced project managers skilled at reviewing large and complicated datasets, as well as managing the many moving, intricate parts of these cases. Veristar uses sophisticated hosting sites and modern technologies, and it provides clients with access to our turnkey review centers as part of our full-service offering.

Our full-service review centers include separate, secure rooms for each client engagement with computers and ergonomic workstations. Amenities include kitchen facilities, office supplies, copy/scan/fax equipment, private client offices, high bandwidth and onsite information technology support.


Veristar provides legal staffing services with former Am Law 200 associates who perform legal research, brief drafting, due diligence, contract management and compliance analysis, among other tasks. Our attorneys have substantive experience in a wide range of practice areas, including litigation, corporate securities, antitrust, health care, environmental, contract and labor law. By engaging Veristar attorneys on a temporary or contract basis, clients can vastly reduce their overhead costs or hourly rates.


Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) Second Requests can easily overwhelm an organization by pushing a legal team outside of its ability to provide timely responses when faced with unfamiliar challenges.

Veristar understands that HSR Second Requests and can help you to manage and implement them until they are successfully completed. We have teams experienced in leading-edge technologies and workflows related to collections and productions. Veristar’s experience helps to ensure timely and accurate productions for antitrust regulators.

We start with a project plan initiated at the first meetings with the legal teams and the corporate client to determine the scope and format of the project. Veristar then develops an HSR Second Request plan, which includes the identification of physical collection locations, custodians and timelines for each step of the workflow. If necessary, Veristar can conduct the data mapping of a client’s data locations and flow to enable the accurate identification of data and custodians. This will help to ensure a precise and targeted collection responsive to the requests that regulators make.


We prioritize security above all else, providing multi-layer physical and network security and privacy to protect client data.

Physical Security

  • Veristar production environments are in secure data centers with very strict and limited access.

  • Our data centers employ a security policy requiring individual keycards and, in some locations, biometric scans.

  • The production site is in a dedicated and segregated portion of the data center with its own physical security measures in place.

  • All equipment is housed in racks with limited access.

Network Services

  • Hardware firewalls

  • File system security encoded in applications

  • Secure network links between offices and centers

  • Developed security policies

  • Routine security testing for vulnerabilities

  • Comprehensive internal and external privacy policies

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