A holistic approach to electronic discovery begins with the defensible collection of data, and it continues with accurate and efficient data hosting and processing.

Our teams have the experience it takes to:

  • Understand client goals

  • Identify the best approach to each unique matter

  • Manage the successful execution of complex project plans

Veristar uses state-of-the-art equipment and proven best practices when processing ESI and preparing it for managed review and advanced analytics.

We work with an array of hosting platforms and are proud to be a Relativity Certified Partner since 2008.  Our experienced teams specialize in migrating data between platforms, and Veristar maintains the critical hardware, infrastructure and trained personnel necessary to support these platforms in a secure hosted environment.

The production of unstructured data is only as good as the team that processes it. Veristar’s data processing service is designed for corporations and law firms that require fast, accurate and complete metadata extraction, culling and deduplication. With more than 10 petabytes of data processed, we have the tools and best practices needed to process even the most complex data sets.

We use best-of-breed technology, augmented by our own innovative software, to process an array of nontraditional data types, including audio and multiparty chat transcripts. Our processing service is supported by our consultative, experienced project management and operations teams, and it can be delivered across the globe in our dedicated centers or on the premises of our client’s facilities.

E-Discovery Support Touchstones
  • Total end-to-end e-discovery solutions with a single point of contact
  • Deep experience with handling complex discovery in multinational litigation and investigations
  • Collections and productions for Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) Second Requests and government investigations
  • Equipped with forensics to collect ESI and paper from a variety of sources in any jurisdiction
  • Availability of multiple managed review platforms
  • Minimized disruption to client workflows
  • Mitigation of discovery risks and costs
  • Readily scalable solutions and technical support
  • Decades of experience in many industries, and broad technical expertise
  • Best strategic partnerships used to enable clients to reach their goals
  • Experienced execution via high-performance project management
Key ESI Processing Functions
  • Chain-of-custody tracking
  • Data conversion
  • Data filtering
  • Data stating
  • Deduplication
  • Exception handling
  • Full-text extraction
  • Load file production
  • Metadata extraction
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Security


Processing, Culling and Analytics
  • Data processing and culling
  • Data analytics consulting
  • Database analysis, capture and processing
  • Predictive coding
  • Document and data filter design for predictive coding
  • Keyword search design and testing
Predictive Coding
  • Early case assessments (ECA)
  • Early assessment of document responsiveness
  • Second-pass review for ESI processing and manual review effectiveness
  • First-pass privilege review and second-pass manual review effectiveness
  • Court-approved or party-agreed-upon productions
  • Severe-time-constraint productions


  • Production designs, controls and management
  • Native/image production management
  • Electronic data discovery (EDD) production and delivery
  • Delivery of defensibility documentation
  • ESI compliance monitoring

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